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    H&H Methodology

    Over the 12 years, H&H has created numerous marketing miracles in the Chinese market and helped many enterprises achieve compelling leapfrog development. All this results from H&H Methodology, the first set of systematic marketing philosophy on the Chinese mainland.

    On the basis of enterprises’ environment and resources, H&H Methodology can be used to systematically identify the core elements of enterprise and brand development, develop clear enterprise development goals and roadmaps, achieve rapid value accumulation and maximize the market communication effect with creative ideas being guided by specific methods. H&H Methodology emphasizes that “everything is ultimately one thing”. It theoretically integrates enterprise strategy, product development, creative ideas for marketing, brand management and other aspects. It provides specific creative methods to practically handle these issues. H&H Methodology emphasizes essence. It is a creative marketing method based on commercial essence. Thanks to this, H&H is confined to certain industries and has achieved tremendous successes in many fields.
    “Super symbol sells itself ” is the first book on H&H Methodology. It was written by Hua Shan in person. It was rated as a five-star book on douban.com, dangdang.com, amazon.com and 360buy.com (now JD.com). Over 200,000 copies were sold in the first month after it was launched.

    The book Super Symbols Are Super Originalities, written by Mr. Hua Shan, is the first publication summarizing “H&H methods”. It is strongly recommended by Douban, Dangdang, Amazon and JD. And over 0.2 million copies were sold within one month of its publication.

    Click to purchase Dangdang.Amazon

    08 / 30 / 2019 -
    (中文) 華與華5大案例, 教你″所有的事都是一件事″

    (中文) 所有的事都是一件事,所有人一起做所有事

    08 / 16 / 2019 -
    (中文) 改善,就是不花錢也能提升銷量丨華與華老娘舅持續改善案例解析

    (中文) 看了就能懂,懂了就能用的持續改善方法

    08 / 9 / 2019 -
    (中文) 華與華方法品牌理論體系的“三綱八目”

    (中文) 本文幫你一次成型正確認知品牌

    08 / 2 / 2019 -
    (中文) 華杉:掌握流量主權,互聯網時代的流量“戒毒”!

    (中文) 互聯網時代,買廣告還是買流量?

    07 / 5 / 2019 -
    (中文) 華與華產品開發五步法,打造愛好爆款考試筆 | 案例解析

    (中文) 產品開發的本質是創意購買理由

    06 / 21 / 2019 -
    (中文) 莆田哆頭蟶節:地方文化,品牌儀式 | 華與華案例解析

    (中文) 品牌資產來源于重復,宣傳的能量來源于重復。

    06 / 14 / 2019 -
    (中文) 得到APP華杉開新課:0基礎打造超級品牌

    (中文) 華杉講透品牌營銷

    04 / 9 / 2019 -
    (中文) 衡陽:超級符號與城市品牌 | 華與華案例解析

    (中文) 衡陽是一座大雁來了也不想離開的城市。

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